Juniper Jane
August 15, 2018 Cuckold Confessions #3: Coward Cuck POV Humiliation and Ass Tease Before Wife goes on a Date with her Co-Worker

Cuckold Confessions #3: Coward Cuck POV Humiliation and Ass Tease Before Wife goes on a Date with her Co-Worker

You’re patiently waiting for your wife to get home, only to be practically ignored as she gets ready for her date. She’s teased you with two secret videos for you to find, teasing you about your cuckold fetish.

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August 14, 2018 Cuckold Confessions: #2 If You're Watching This..You've Just Been Cucked!

Cuckold Confessions #2: If You’re Watching This..You’ve Just Been Cucked!

After your sexy girl-next-door wife discovered your secret cuckold fetish, you’ve been worried she’d confront you.. or worse.. actually cuck you!!
It’s too bad you didn’t speak up because this video is one she made just before going out on a date.
By the time you watch this, it means you’ve been officially cucked.

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Cuckold Confessions: #1 Wife Discovers Hubby’s Cuckold Fetish and Shares Her Own Ideas

The adorable and amazing wife you’ve somehow had all these years has left a video for you to find on your computer. It turns out she found your browsing history searching for cuckold porn! She teases you for having such a shameful fetish and not telling you! As it turns out, she’s had the same […]

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August 4, 2018 Fishnet & Lace Worship Day

Fishnet & Lace Worship Day

Today is your lucky day, you get to be audience to a Fishnets & Lace worship session with Goddess Juniper Jane. She wears thigh high fishnets with a lace garter, a long sleeved lace body suit, and a lace g-string! She does a little strip to remove just her shiny latex skirt, sensually running her […]

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August 4, 2018 Divine Goddess Juniper Jane Worship

Divine Goddess Fireplace Worship

The Superior Divine Goddess Juniper Jane demands your worship. Grovel at her feet as she teases and denies you her Graciousness. Her tantalizingly skimpy dress exposes parts of her you know you will never deserve to touch. Her retro housewife look makes you wish she was all yours every day, but as she shows you […]

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August 3, 2018 Roommate Discover’s Secret Foot Fetish

Roommate Discover’s Secret Foot Fetish

Your sexy roommate, Juniper Jane, just found out from a friend that you have a dirty, filthy, smelly little secret: a foot fetish! She made this video just for you to tease you about your little secret and put it where you would find it. She’s wearing those flip flops and cute casual clothes you’ve […]

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