Juniper Jane
September 19, 2018 First Time WeightLifting Muscle Humiliation Domination POV

First Time Weight Lifting Muscle Humiliation & Domination POV

You’re a little 5’7″ weakling attempting to lift weights to get buff for me. I walk in on you trying to lift the smallest weight in the room. I laugh at you and encourage you to try until I take the weight and see how easy it is for me to do instead! My perfectly sculpted girlish muscles are toned without me even trying. I show off my thick-with-muscle thighs and my strong, muscular ass. I flex my arms and stroke my bulging biceps, showing off different ways that I lift weights. Eventual I switch to an even bigger weight that you probably can’t even lift at all! I laugh and look down on you, rolling the weight toward you and laughing as you can’t even pick it up.
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