Juniper Jane
August 12, 2018 Apply to Serve Deity Juniper Jane

Apply to Serve Deity Juniper Jane

Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and more.. Your Divine Deity Juniper Jane is accepting applications to serve by devout submissives and faithful servants! If you believe you are worthy to serve Juniper Jane, fill out the entire application with your deepest desires, darkest secrets, and how you would like to serve your Goddess. Apply […]

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January 5, 2018 Apply to Serve or be Owned by Juniper Jane

Now accepting applications to Serve!

Do you have what it takes to Serve and be Owned by Juniper Jane? I am now accepting applications for submissive losers, desperate cuckolds, pathetic paypigs, foot-mats, and even unique ownership needs such as roleplay, complete lifestyle domination, and sweet/wholesome motherly domination… there are endless ways for me to wrap my powerful force around you. […]

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